Garden Bench is New Again

Brightly painted bench in garden setting

My garden bench sat in the weather for so many years that it was covered with mildew and dirt. I could have bought a new one for less that a hundred dollars but I like …Read More

Welcome wildlife to your backyard retreat

Bird feeders with new flower bed

Over the past eight years of redesigning and transforming my home, nothing has brought me more joy than the transformation of my yard from an overgrown, unusable space into a welcoming retreat for plants, flowers, …Read More

Pine Needle Baskets: the objet d’art to spice up your space

Pine needle basket with blue and green beads

I have a new passion: long leaf pine needle basket coiling. A serendipitous moment I had no idea there was such a thing as a pine needle basket, but a chance discovery led me to …Read More

Four easy, inexpensive ways to spice up your room with art

Framed calendar prints of birds

Even if you’ve chosen the perfect paint colors, furniture styles, and accessories, a redesigned room can feel dull and incomplete. Like it lacks a certain pop. The right artwork adds those dramatic bursts of color …Read More

Planning your Bathroom Renovation – Use a Checklist

Bathroom Remodel Checklist page 1

When you plan a bathroom renovation, there are droves of decisions to make, details to plan, and supplies to purchase. You picked beautiful granite for your countertops, but what about your sinks? Does the paint …Read More

Bathroom Remodel – Create Your Floor Plan

Finished Bathroom

Your visions of a beautiful new bathroom are coming together. You have done your research and have gathered up-to-date design ideas from the professionals. Your creative juices are flowing. Now that you have design ideas …Read More

Planning a Bathroom Remodel – The Unmissable Tip to Start your Project Right

Updated bathroom after remodel

Beginning a complete remodel of a bathroom can be a daunting proposition. Especially if you are your own designer and general contractor like I often am. It can be tempting to dive right in and …Read More

Giving Front Porch Lights a DIY Renovation – From Faded to Fabulous

Refinshed front porch light

The light(s) had faded Years of Atlanta’s heat and daily exposure to direct sunlight had faded our once-black front porch lights to a dusty, silver grey. If you have a similar problem, here is what …Read More

Functional Garage Storage Part 2 – The Great Paint Debate

Behr Ultra paint samples

Before renovating our garage, my husband and I had a mishmash of tools that lacked functional storage space and piles of miscellaneous stuff spilling out from every wall. So we sorted out the keepers from the …Read More

Say Good Riddance to Weeds

Protecting our environment and getting rid of weeds in your garden are often very opposite ideas. Staying green by not using chemicals and sprays on the weeds usually means backbreaking work pulling weeds from hard-packed …Read More