Garden Bench is New Again

Brightly painted bench in garden setting

My garden bench sat in the weather for so many years that it was covered with mildew and dirt. I could have bought a new one for less that a hundred dollars but I like the scroll work on the back of this one better than any I have seen. I decided to refinish it.

My first thought was to sand it down and just paint it. After I burned up my sander in all the muck, I decided that I should replace the boards that make up the seat.Bench in sad state of repair before refurbishing
I bought cedar planks, then sawed and sanded and sanded and sanded. ( with my new sander!) I took it all apart, then used spray paint for all the pieces. The iron back and sides are Krylon hammered dark bronze. The wood trim on the back and the seat boards are Krylon paprika.
My husband drilled the holes for the carriage bolts and then helped my put it all back together. (It always seems easier to take things apart than to get them back together right.)
Now my bench is a showpiece in my garden.bench sports bright new paint